Why You Should Consider A Winter Wedding

So you’re newly engaged and chances are one of the main things you will be thinking about is setting the date. Perhaps you have an image in your mind of a beautiful Spring or Summer wedding full of sunshine and flowers, you may have even considered the golden hues of Autumn (if so check out our Autumn Glow Inspiration Board) but have you thought about a Winter Wedding? If not why not?!

There are so many benefits to getting married during the winter months, read on to find out what they are…..


The Weather! 

Yes winter weather can be an advantage! Ok so you are not going to get warm, wall to wall sunshine during the winter months but you can be a lot more certain of the type of weather you are going to get and therefore plan accordingly. You know it’s going to be cold with a chance of rain or snow, so you aren’t going to plan much around being outside, meaning there is less chance of bad weather ruining the day. Winter weather can create some of the best photo’s too, imagine a crisp frosty morning underneath some sparkling winter sunshine, or a blanket of white glistening snow to really add some magic to your day. Even the greyest of days can provide some moody shots, giving your pictures a stunning artistic edge.



Easy styling 

If you are getting married around Christmas time, there is a chance your venue will already have some kind of Christmas decor in place. This means not only do you have a style to work around but you can save yourself a bit of money too. It will also mean that there will be a lot more in the way of props and decorations available in the shops and you may be able to get quite a bit in the sales if you time it right.



You could save money on the venue 

Depending on when and where you get married, obviously many venues will be busier and more expensive over the Christmas period itself but generally winter months tend to work out cheaper, meaning you can spend the money you have saved on other things.



Winter weddings are super cosy

Candlelight, hot chocolate stations, blankets, comfort food. A winter wedding is the epitome of cosiness. It gets dark earlier, meaning you can make the most of some fabulous lighting, creating an enchanting atmosphere for your guests. Did someone say Hygge??



It gives everyone something to look forward to

When we think of winter weddings, most people tend to think of a December wedding but how about getting married in January or February? These months can be a bit dull following all the fun of Christmas, what better way to brighten up this time of year than with a wedding?! Kick start the new year with a celebration of love with all your favourite people.



It can be easier for guests to get time off work 

Summer is often a busy time with holidays, weddings etc. It can be difficult for people to get time off when they want it during the school holidays with many parents needing to book holiday at the same time. It’s likely to be a bit easier during the winter months and if you get married over the Christmas period, it’s likely that many (although not all) will already have the time off.


For ideas of what a winter wedding could look like check out our winter inspiration boards.










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