How to Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable


When it comes to planning a wedding, some couples know exactly what they want from colour schemes, to cake flavours to entertainment. Other couples won’t have a clue where to start and that’s OK because unless you work in the wedding or events industry, chances are you have never had to plan anything like this in your life and it can all feel a bit daunting if you haven’t.

No doubt you will want your wedding day to be a truly memorable experience for all involved but exactly how do you go about achieving this?  

To make an event enjoyable and memorable, you need to appeal to each of the five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Start off by thinking about your favourites. Do you love the smell of freshly cut grass? Does the sound of crashing waves make you feel relaxed? What are your favourite flavours? Does the feeling of sand between your toes take you right back to a favourite holiday destination?


Sight covers everything from the décor to entertainment. What are your favourite colours? Do you want floral arrangements? Perhaps you enjoy watching ballet or you are a huge football fan.

Think of how you can use these elements in the design of your wedding. A colour scheme doesn’t have to mean every little thing is one colour. Using your favourite colour/colours in the right places throughout your wedding day can really help with the flow of the design.



Examples of how you can appeal to the sense of sight  – fireworks, dancers, lighting effects, floral displays, repeated patterns or colours, amazing views such as a sunset or city scape.


Which sounds make you feel relaxed? Which excite you? What are your favourite songs?

Probably the most obvious way of incorporating sound into your wedding day is with music. Think about having different types of music for different parts of the day. Perhaps there are songs that have special meaning or pieces of music which take you back to a certain time or place. Think also about how the music might make other people feel, during the ceremony you may want music which is serene and peaceful, whilst at the reception, you will want people to dance.



If you want to incorporate more natural sounds, this is where your venue will come into play. Is there a venue overlooking the ocean, where you could get married against the sound of crashing waves? Perhaps your desired venue has a courtyard close to a babbling brook which would make the perfect setting for a drinks reception, maybe it has a water fountain around which guests can mingle whilst nibbling canapes and sipping cocktails.

An easier way of creating sounds of nature is to use sound effects. This way you can really use your imagination. Birdsong, rainforest, dolphin sounds, whatever floats your boat! Just think about how they fit with the overall theme and feel of your day.


Not as creepy as it might sound! This is really to do with different textures, temperatures, shapes. What will stand out and make your guests curious about how it feels?

Do you love the sensation of sand between your toes? Perhaps you are a fan of skiing and just love the coolness of snow and ice or maybe you find comfort in something soft and luxurious such as velvet.



Examples of how you can appeal to the sense of touch include – ice sculptures, luxurious velvet seating, layers of fabric and greenery on tables, anything which requires interaction such as lawn games or a bouncy castle.


No doubt food and drink will be high on your list of priorities when planning your wedding. There is more choice than ever before when it comes to catering so this is an area where you can really think outside the box and create a menu which is out of this world.



Examples – street food trucks, BBQ, signature cocktails, wood fired pizzas, mini versions of your favourite dishes, dessert tables, show cooking, ice cream vans, the possibilities are endless!


Just like sound, a certain smell can take you right back to another time and place. Imagine being able to transport your guests back to your wedding day time and time again with the help of just a simple scent.


Examples of how to appeal to the sense of smell – scented candles, flowers, herbs in bouquets or as favours are also a great way of adding scent, food and drinks and if you really want to push the boat out, how about offering small complimentary bottles of perfume or aftershave in the bathrooms or again as favours.

Once you have some ideas, start thinking about ways you could incorporate them into your wedding day. Anything that engages the senses will evoke memories and emotions and create an experience your guests will never forget.


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Creator of A Stylish Marriage, I completed a Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling and Design after a career in Nursing. I have always had a love of weddings and wanted to explore my creative side a bit more. My aim with the blog is to inspire and guide couples as they embark on their wedding planning journey.

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