Coping With Stress When Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding day can be a fun and exciting time. Most people however will experience some sort of stress associated with some element of their wedding at some point. With this in mind I’ve put together some tips for coping with stress during the wedding planning process.


Take  a break when you need one

Planning a wedding is time consuming, especially when combined with work and family commitments. If you are spending every minute of your spare time working on wedding details and you are starting to feel the strain, take a break! it will all still be there tomorrow, or in a few days so stop and take a breath.


Delegate tasks 

You will probably have had family and/or friends who have said how much they’d love to help you out with the planning, so let them!! Figure out who will be good at what and ask them to help you out. It will take off some of the pressure and free up some time as well as making your friends and family feel involved so win/win!



Talk about how you are feeling

The obvious person to talk to if you are finding it all a bit much is your partner. Have a rant, have a cry, let it out. Letting things build up and get on top of you will only make you feel worse and ultimately you’re likely to explode. If you don’t want to talk to your partner, talk to a friend or family member, sometimes a fresh pair of eyes (or ears) can make all the difference.


Spend time with your partner 

Set some time aside to spend with your other half. Go out for a walk, curl up on the sofa and watch box sets, have a full on date night, whatever it is you need to take your mind off all the planning and remind yourselves of why you are getting married.



Ask for help

We all experience a certain amount of stress when planning a wedding but there is a difference between a bit of wedding stress and more serious mental health issues. If you are finding that your daily life is being affected by how you are feeling mentally or emotionally then you should probably speak to a professional. That could be your GP, you could refer yourself for therapy or counselling or there are a number of helplines (I have listed some below).


Talk to the wedding professionals 

If the stress you are under is being caused by one element of your wedding, talk to the relevant professional involved in that part of your wedding. Photographers, cake makers, hair stylers, the wedding co-ordinator at your venue will all have a range of experience and will probably have come across every problem imaginable between them, if you are worrying about something, speak to them about it, the solution may be right under your nose but you just can’t see it.



Consider hiring a planner

If the planning of your wedding is all getting a bit overwhelming (and your budget allows) consider hiring a wedding planner. They do not have to plan the whole thing, many planners offer partial planning services as well as supplier sourcing or on the day co-ordination. Having a professional take some of the pressure off could be the difference between you enjoying planning the day of your dreams and it becoming the bane of your life.


Useful Contact Numbers

Mind Infoline – 0300 123 3393 (text 86463) (email

Samaritans – 116 123 or email

NHS – 111 (





Creator of A Stylish Marriage, I completed a Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling and Design after a career in Nursing. I have always had a love of weddings and wanted to explore my creative side a bit more. My aim with the blog is to inspire and guide couples as they embark on their wedding planning journey.

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